Saturday, December 19, 2009

its all about the money

if you were given a chance, to wish for three things what would they be?i bet most of us will wish to be super-rich, rich, or at least richer.who doesnt like to be rich?however, as for me, money is nothing if ur soul is is rubbish if u are not is of no use if u r alone.

i love to live in for me, pray for wealth, dont chase for wealth.if u once own it, be grateful for it, dont ask for more.

cukupla kaya sekadar untuk hidup.kaya itu baik kalau mendekatkan kita dgn Allah, mendekatkan kita dgn family, buat kita bahagia, membahagiakan isteri, and membahagiakan diri

a question popped in my mind once when i was watching a malay drama on evening.why most of the super-rich people would do almost anything to get richer, when they are already swarmed with wealth?the answer is, money, in excess, will exert their very own toxic effects. people will long for more, never never will they be contented.that is lust.

note that almost of malay drama convey this kind of living.dramas which portray rich people who are willing to kill others, even their families, and other sorts of wrong doings-blackmailing, bribery, prostitution, everything it takes for more kills,you see?i think people(at least me) are sick of that lame old ideas.enuff already.(that is one of the reason i think nur kasih portrays the 'good side' of reality)

Ya Allah berikanlah aku rezeki supaya aku tidak perlu untuk meminta2 kepada orang lain.Dan janganlah smapai kekayaan itu menjauhkanku dariMu.

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