Saturday, December 19, 2009

its all about the money

if you were given a chance, to wish for three things what would they be?i bet most of us will wish to be super-rich, rich, or at least richer.who doesnt like to be rich?however, as for me, money is nothing if ur soul is is rubbish if u are not is of no use if u r alone.

i love to live in for me, pray for wealth, dont chase for wealth.if u once own it, be grateful for it, dont ask for more.

cukupla kaya sekadar untuk hidup.kaya itu baik kalau mendekatkan kita dgn Allah, mendekatkan kita dgn family, buat kita bahagia, membahagiakan isteri, and membahagiakan diri

a question popped in my mind once when i was watching a malay drama on evening.why most of the super-rich people would do almost anything to get richer, when they are already swarmed with wealth?the answer is, money, in excess, will exert their very own toxic effects. people will long for more, never never will they be contented.that is lust.

note that almost of malay drama convey this kind of living.dramas which portray rich people who are willing to kill others, even their families, and other sorts of wrong doings-blackmailing, bribery, prostitution, everything it takes for more kills,you see?i think people(at least me) are sick of that lame old ideas.enuff already.(that is one of the reason i think nur kasih portrays the 'good side' of reality)

Ya Allah berikanlah aku rezeki supaya aku tidak perlu untuk meminta2 kepada orang lain.Dan janganlah smapai kekayaan itu menjauhkanku dariMu.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

whats up with jalang?

another malay movie is out.jalang.

first time i watched the promotional advertisement out on tv, i was immediately disgusted by add to it, my brothers were with me, staring at the tv screen, wondering what was it all about.and today, a talk show presented the director of that particular film.i watched so eagerly, as i want to know what makes the director so keen on producing that kind of film.

my anticipation was:

untuk membuka mata masyarakat malaysia, yg pelacur2 juga manusia, mereka tersekat dlm kesempitan hidup.masyarakat harus membuka mata supaya tak mendriskriminasikan mereka.

untuk memberi pengajaran kepada mereka supaya tidak terjebak yadaayadaa...

seperti dijangka.jawapan dia agak2 sama.untuk educate masyarakat ttg apa 'jalang' itu sebenarnya.dan spt yg diatas.

hissh!nonsense!whatever your good cause is m director, the negativity of ur filthy piece of work outweigh any good it brings.takpayah nak educate masyarakat, malaysian citizen are well educated dah pasal benda2 macamni.u dont have to provide unnecessary exposure for kids,because with or without it, they will eventually know.kenapa la nak buat iklan gempak2 kat tv, musim cuti plak tu, bagi budak2 tgk..what for?educational purposes?daripada budak2 tak tau jadi tau.tayang mase raya haji plak tu.

i think ur so-called niat murni just nak menutup agenda sebenar, that is to exploit sex and women to make money.and i think those who r dumb enough to buy tickets to watch ur film are those who are of the same species as u are.

Friday, October 16, 2009


im so sick of lots of things now.

I am sick of the world today. evil lingers at every inch of the world.i hate to hear small kids being murdered.i hate to hear houses are being bulldozed to the ground.i hate to hell that the fact ppl are doing absolutely nothing about it, and hate myself too for not bringing any good to the world.

i am sick to see the norms of the world today.killing is a norm.bisexuality, homosexuality, pornography, homicides, excesive alcohol drinking, prostitutions are norms.i hate to see muslims drink alcohol, muslims go to clubs. i am not an angel, i am not pious either. i hate myself for still not be able to be real muslimah. but i hate, i loathe to see my religion to be fooled around.

I am sick of people playing dirty politics.

I am sick of people, society or organizations funding so much money for stuff like concerts, talentshows, entertainment awards and not even bothered about those who are in need.

I am sick of smokers. I am sick of the government working on anti-smoking campaigns, but still, prosper with the massive income cigarettes taxes offer. Smoking is haram, but still I see pak-pak imam light up the cigars on the way to the mosque. For those who smoke, I am sorry if you die sooner than you expect, but hey, you deserve it!

enough hate for today.

Monday, October 5, 2009

teater punya kisah

someone very close to me loves theater so much.he grows up with theater and acting. i never liked such thing. i never liked that particular person to do theaters, apa lagi nak berlakon profesionally. i never wanted to get involved in such thing either. however i signed up for IMU's malay cultural week's thetaer production team. i decided to do so because Muna, the director is a friend of mine, we are in the same batch.kira nak support kawan la ni. she loves theater so much as well. she has lots of experiences, and i have faith that she'll be able to make this year's theater a blast. i signed up, and muna elected me be the stage desingner.i had a teeny weeny experience in stage design back in boarding school, so i accepted the, sejak sebelum puasa haritu, i have worked pretty hard for this theater. awal2 tak terasa penat, tapi about a week before the performance i stayed back late(at around 2am) everynite for the pun tak berapa.nasib baik the system that time was endocrine, a little lighter than the other systems, so i think i could manage to revisit the system later, maybe?
fast forward a bit...after the first theater , Bukan legasi lalang(it was a classical malay theater)succesfully been performed, i was so excited and i was overwhelmed with satisfaction. most people who came said it was a great theater.mungkin kalau university lain dtg and tgk, they may or may not feel so, i dont know.but who the hell cares, as long as we are satisfied ourselves.let us, IMU students set our own standard.after all, i think it was an entertaining show.
Gadis di kuburan's first i felt that Gadis di Kuburan does not have the 'kick' that BLL has. BLL is good for that it has awesome silat, nice malay dancing, and played by many talented students.sape kata student IMU tau std je?however, GDK is not boring after all.though it has all those long monolouges, and mushy love lines, it has succeeded to entertain people, and shed tears of the audience.(ye ke?lebih2 je aku ni)i feel that GDK has its own strength too.mana tak nye, seminggu aku dok nyanyi lagu pelangi petang tu sorang2.just sad that some ppl and lecturers(who attended GDK) didnt come for BLL.bcos i think Malay culture is more potrayed in BLL. and IMU ppl love silat, dont we?hehe..

sekarang, demam teater belum habis was amazing to join this production team. It has brought me an amazing teamwork spirit(i miss the crews), made me know ppl i didnt ever bothered to know before, esp juniors sem 2 nd 1.and amazingy i also view theater i quite a different way now.dulu, kalau tgk tv, org tak pandai berlakon, kutuk2.skrg baru tau sshnya nak hidupkan emosi tu.(cheh, dh jd orang seni plak).dan dulu2, selalu memperkecilkan benda2 lakonan sbnrny, it takes a lot of knowledge, and hardwork to be able to act.tgk skrip je dah punya panjang nak hafal.kalau aku hafal skrip tu, maunye keluar sem 3 punya syallabus dr otak aku. and haritu, baru muna suruh aku berlakon a tiny role(for about 3minutes, aku dah tergelak2 dh)i seriously cant!

orang kata, once we got ourselves involved in this, nanti got may be true.tapi teater kat imu setahun sekali, mana nak addicted nye.most probably next year tak join kot such thing, sbb sem depan ada major exam(yay im graduating from Bukit Jalil campus!), but i will still support this kind of events.any events la generally.i think we should always get ourselves involved in co-curricular takde la rasa diri ni bosan sangat.join la community service ke(huu if i could turn back time i am going to make sure i attend the weekly community service i'd signed up for back in sem 1), usrah ke, sports(ni i cannot help it la), or anything for the matter of fact.socializing in clubs etc not included yea ppl!

anyway, the point is, joining this event was a cool experience for me.and theater is not boring after all.but strictly for occasional leisure. never more.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

spank your kids-not!

Kids Who Get Spanked May Have Lower IQs

Studies Show Link Between Getting Spanked and Poorer Scores on Intelligence Tests
By Salynn BoylesWebMD Health News

Reviewed By Louise Chang, MD

Sept. 24, 2009 -- Parents who spare the rod just might end up with smarter kids.
Two new studies suggest that children who are spanked have lower IQs than children who aren't, regardless of where they live.
In one study, researchers analyzed the intelligence scores of roughly 1,500 children in the U.S. who took part in the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth. They found that these scores were slightly lower among children whose mothers reported using spanking as a form of discipline.
In the other study, national average IQ scores were found to be lower in countries where spanking is common.
The research was led by University of New Hampshire sociologist Murray A. Straus, PhD, who has studied the impact of corporal punishment on child development for decades. He is a vocal opponent of the practice.
Straus was scheduled to present his findings Friday in San Diego at the 14th International Conference on Violence, Abuse and Trauma.
"The best kept secret of American child psychology is that kids who are not spanked are the best behaved and do the best in life," he tells WebMD. "You won't find that in a single child development textbook, but it is true."

aku jarang2 kena pukul.sepanjang hidup ni, rasa2nya dlm 2 or 3 kali je.tu pun lembut2 je.IQ aku tinggi kah?hehe..ntahle.yang pasti aku tak pass IQ test nak g adelaide uni 2 tahun lepas!heee~


teringat zaman kecik2 dulu..semua orang mabuk nak bercinta.sometimes, when i come to think about it, it makes me can little kids(or growing teenagers) indulge so much in love?dulu2 dtg sekolah tak abes2 ingat boyfriend, tulis2 surat(dulu2 takde phone), masa rehat dating2 tepi kantin(aku tak, aku pengawas.hehe)main tarik2 rambut ngn sape yg kacau kita nye pakwe(again, aku takpenah buat.ok?), yg paling common skali, balik skolah sama2(ni penah=P).those days are memorable.ada yg fun smpai tanak lupa, ada yg takmau ingat lagi..skrg tgk budak2 bercinta, rasa nak dulu2 aku pun sama, tak sedar diri btl.

but when i reach adulthood, love is never for fun is not something that we ask, it is something that comes when we least expecting it.memang ramai lagi orang yg sibuk nak carik boyfriend, carik jodoh, ada jgk yg tanak langsung ada boyfriend, tanak mengelakkan have or not to have boyfriend, is not an issue.bila takde boyfriend(or gf) takpayah rasa risau takde jodoh, the time will come. tapi, for those yg anti dgn 'couple2' thingy ni, kena faham,love is not smething that u can just erase or delete. love remains though a relationship does not seperate two loving souls is mean.hanya ada satu jalan, nikah.its not always readily possible..ada byk tanggungjawab, and expectations from others.yg perempuan kena faham, how hard things can be for a man to get maried.diorang yg rasa beban, bkn, nak tak nak, we have to understand.and in the time being, menjaga diri sebelum bernikah(tough part, huh?)

love is not about the fun.though it was before.for me, loving who i love now, is not always is at the same time fun, but i dont want to love for the sake of the fun and happiness it brings.we have to bear with the hardship that comes along with it.i cherish every happiness, and every hardship love has to offer.

love is not a major thing in life.but still, we need it as a complementary. love is not about going out together, celebrating anniversaries, expressing love in facebook etc is about companionship.for me, if i have loved the right one, do not ever turn back. take the relationship seriously.i have hurt some people in my life, and i regret that.i do.but i am thankful for it has end my search of true love, and now, i have found (i hope) the true love.

i am really thankful for the fact that we have survived the hardships of love for years now. u r a great person, even there are times i cannot stand u, i am thankful for that. i dont want u to be anyone else but u.i want u to know, i have never taken into account what u have, or what u dont have when i decided to love u.but, because of who you are.i dont love you because of u r hot, or goodlooking(if u really are la), i never cared about that at all.i will even love u the same(or more) when u turn 60, or 70 or 80, when u hv that deep wrinkles on ur face.

this is how love should always be.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

akhirat dan duniawi

macam2 perangai orang masa bulan ramadhan.i dont want to say i am satisfied with the past ramadhan, i still have to improve a lot.lagi2 la masa bulan puasa hari tu, i was busy in preparing for the Malay Cultural Week theater next week(i am one of the crew).mmg aa mcm teater biasa2 je.. nama pun bdk IMU yg berlakon..tapi tak semestinya takde, sbb dah sign up, nak tak nak,it is my obligation and responsibility to show up an d buat keje.even though terpaksa mengorbankan jemaah tarawih kat surau.bkn tak blh buat sorg2 or dgn kawan2 kat umah.bkn wajib buat 8rakaat..buatla 2 je pun, asalkan ikhlas.tapi ada jgk org yg fkr, kalau tak g tarawih tu, cm dosa besar sangat..mmgla, kalau compare ngn lepak mall, seganla kot, orang g surau, kte g lepak2 plak. tapi bagi aku la..tarawih berbanding ngn keje, yang dah diamanahkan dan melibatkan ramai orang, dah kira wajib kita pegi buat keje tu, sbb tanak sshkn orang lain. karang sape2 marah kat kita dapat dosa free, tak pegi tarawih kat surau ni bknla perkara besar sgt, selagi dia tak g buat bende2 tak berapa nak best di bulan puasa.

taktau la nape aku nak ckp pasal ni, tp mcm terpanggil2 nak tulis.
orang kata, kalau nak jd alim, warak, mst solat, buat amalan2 sunat2, tadarus quran, g ceramah,pakai jubah longgar2, or apa2la yg berkaitan dgn agama.mmg betul.tak dinafikan.tula yang sebaik2nya.tapi, kalau seseorang tu tak jd perfect mcmtu, tak semestinya dia kufur, or berdosa.and bagi aku, menegakkan agama, bukan dari segi agama semata2.hidup ni as a whole perlu dikira sebagai agama. as in, bkn perkara2 fardhu, beribadat siang malam je yg Allah nampak, yg Allah ada jgk benda duniawi yg perlu diambil kira. kalau la solat siang malam, tp lambat bangun g kerja (or class), tuhan senang hati ke?tu lagi la kira berdosa sbb dah membuat dosa sesama manusia. amanah kita sbg pekerja, pelajar(lg2 yg sponsored)sangat besar.tak blh la nak fkr solat 24jam tp kita tak kesah pasal reputasi sbg pelajar muslim. belajar tu wajib.belajar di atas nama islam adalah jihad. taknak la nanti orang kata,kata islam, tapi mundur.aku mmg malu kalau dlm PBL aku ada pelajar melayu yg datang lambat, melayu la yg ponteng.sbb dlm PBL, ada lbh kurang 3 pelajar melayu je, out of 10 or, nampak sgtla kan kalau ada yg mmg slalu mcmtu la, melayu la yg ponteng, melayu la yang fail.nak tak nak, nama agama sekali yg malu.aku kagum bila yani cerita pasal sesetengah student2 melayu kat uniten(if im not mistaken).dgn tudung litup, pgg quran all the time, tp CGPA takde yg kurang 3.9.mcmtu la islam yg sepatutnya.lengkap.bukan warak beribadah semata, tp cemerlang dunia akhirat.
lastly, aku bukan kata aku ni warak or hebat gle std.dua2 pun tak cukupla seiringkan agama dan duniawi.lebihkan agama lagi bagus, tp jgn tinggalkan kewajipan duniawi.
orang melayu islam tak boleh jadi punca kelemahan dan kenunduran kita!